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16 November, 2018: Barrio La Pinada and the Valencian Association of Startups join forces to create La Pinada Labs

10 October, 2018: Barrio La Pinada at South Summit 2018

21 September, 2018: Dutch experts visit La Pinada neighbourhood as a reference experience in sustainable urban development

3 September, 2018: La Diputació se suma a un proyecto europeo para rehabilitar el suelo de los barrancos ante el riesgo de inundaciones

31 August, 2018: Technological Innovation and Circular Economy Summit

19 June, 2018: International experts will be meeting in Valencia to discuss the main challenges cities will face shortly

12 June, 2018: Zubi Labs calls on international references to reflect on the challenges of the present and future in cities

25 May, 2018: From recycling to sustainable urbanism and food and beverage

23 May, 2018: La Pinada’s founder, Iker Marcaide, invited to share his eco-neighborhood project in Germany

22 March, 2018: The European Institute of Innovation & Technology and La Pinada

29 January, 2018: More than 400 People Take Part in the Co-Creation of La Pinada Eco-district (Valencia) During 2017

29 November, 2017: La Pinada (Valencia), the only Spanish project selected among the most innovative neighbourhoods in Europe fighting climate change

8 November, 2017: The Innovative Eco-District in Valencia, La Pinada, Turns More International This Week

6 September, 2017: Europe Selects La Pinada for its Smart Sustainable District Flagship Program and Fighting Against Climate Change

8 June, 2017: Europe Puts La Pinada Eco-district on the Map of Sustainable Developments that Tackles Climate Change

29 March, 2017: Zubi Labs Creates the First Eco-district in Spain Co-designed by its Residents

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