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An extraordinary neighbourhood for everybody. A place that is healthy, alive and where one forms part of a dynamic community. A place where the small things that make life special become important. A place we design together.

Our Vision

That our children again can grow up playing on the streets

That we may see more green and less grey

That we may use our resources more intelligently

That we may be able to help one another more

That we may be healthier and be more active

That we may create more moments of joy together


A family neighbourhood

A place where children can again grow up playing  on the streets outdoor and in an environment that is care-free, safe and surrounded by nature. A place that fosters independence, curiosity and creativity.

A place where children, parents and grandparents can live side-by-side and an extensive range of leisure, sport and culture is offered for all ages. A place that favours a balance between work and family life, offering for example, collaborative and inspirational co-working spaces.


A vibrant and lively neighbourhood

The benefit of having commercial and living services for the whole family on the foot of your doorstep, so that time is saved while commuting. A vibrant neighbourhood with a dynamic atmosphere full of activities for both young and old.

A neighbourhood surrounded by nature

24 hectares amongst pine trees that neighbour 300 hectares of rural land that forms part of the “La Mola” park. The result – a healthy environment of vast green spaces surrounding each house, park, green corridors,urban farms, green wall…

A sustainable neighbourhood

The intelligent use of finite resources (water, energy, waste) through the reuse of water, nearly zero consumption of energy, the generation of renewable energy and a circular economy that considers the lifecycle of materials. The implementation of shared economy concepts, shared resources and synergies between neighbourhood and school. Providing neighbours with smart mobility solutions that respect the environment.

An educational and collaborative neighbourhood

An environment that stimulates learning for both children and adults, encourages collaboration, participation, continued improvement and the trial and incorporation of ideas, concepts, technologies and innovations. Especially those relating to emerging businesses and school projects.

A neighbourhood that improves our society and business environment

We seek to steer project expenditure towards providers, and responsible social and environmental solutions by including social terms in the project’s management that for example, foster the employment of disadvantaged groups. Additionally, we aim to maximise the project’s impact on the development and growth of innovative companies, entrepreneurs and local talent. As a result, our adventure aims to make important contributions towards the improvement of our society and its surrounding business fabric.

Eco-barrio La Pinada



The project is located just 10 minutes from the centre of Valencia and close to important residential and commercial areas, as well as economic hubs and educational centres.  Valencia has around 300 sunny days in the year.

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We want to help individuals, businesses and institutions to invest in a way alined to their values, and do well by doing good, by having a much broader impact than just financial. If our dream fires you up as much as it does to us, get in touch with us

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