Welcome to Barrio La Pinada

The first sustainable neighborhood co-created by its future inhabitants

An extraordinary neighborhood for everyone. A place where you can be part of a community. A place where everyday things that make life special matter.

Sustainable Architecture

30 hectares

More than 2.000 trees

Limitless smiles!

A family neighbourhood


A place where children can again grow up playing in the streets outdoor and in an environment that is care-free, safe and surrounded by nature. A place that fosters independence, curiosity and creativity.

A place where children, parents and grandparents can live side-by-side and an extensive range of leisure, sport and culture is offered for all ages. A place that favours a balance between work and family life, offering for example, collaborative and inspirational co-working spaces.

A vibrant and lively neighbourhood

The benefit of having commercial and living services for the whole family on the foot of your doorstep, so that time is saved while commuting. A vibrant neighbourhood with a dynamic atmosphere full of activities for both young and old.

A neighbourhood surrounded by nature

24 hectares amongst pine trees that neighbour 300 hectares of rural land that forms part of the “La Mola” park. The result – a healthy environment of vast green spaces surrounding each house, park, green corridors, urban farms, green wall.

A sustainable neighbourhood

The intelligent use of finite resources (water, energy, waste) through the reuse of water, nearly zero consumption of energy, the generation of renewable energy and a circular economy that considers the lifecycle of materials. The implementation of shared economy concepts, shared resources and synergies between neighbourhood and school. Providing neighbours with smart mobility solutions that respect the environment.

An educational and collaborative neighbourhood

An environment that stimulates learning for both children and adults, encourages collaboration, participation, continued improvement and the trial and incorporation of ideas, concepts, technologies and innovations. Especially those relating to emerging businesses and school projects.

A neighbourhood that improves our society

We seek to steer project expenditure towards providers, and responsible social and environmental solutions by including social terms in the project’s management that for example, foster the employment of disadvantaged groups. Additionally, we aim to maximise the project’s impact on the development and growth of innovative companies, entrepreneurs and local talent. As a result, our adventure aims to make important contributions towards the improvement of our society and its surrounding industry ecosystem.

Eco-barrio La Pinada

Live in contact with nature, close to the city

Barrio La Pinada is located between the residential neighborhoods of Valterna and the city center of Paterna, only 8,6 km from Valencia city.
Well connected and close to most important residential commercial areas, and activity centres, industrial área Fuente del Jarro, Parque, Parque Tecnológico de Paterna, Feria Valencia, Ciudad Deportiva Municipal and a variety of existing school, among which the recently opened Imagine Montessori School La Pinada.

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Together we make it possible

Barrio La Pinada was born in 2017 with the objective of co-creating the first sustainable neighborhood made in Spain. Since then, more than 400 future neighbors took part in the co-creation process guided by more than 20 experts in different disciplines. Together we have defined the spaces design, an efficient management of resources and community wellness.

Barrio La Pinada timeline


Meetings with the local community to share the vision of the project and understand needs, challenges, wishes.    Co-creation workshops and training together with future inhabitants and experts to create collaboratively, innovative and efficient solutions keeping the triple dimension of sustainability (social, economical and environmental). Selected as the first spanish…Read More


Open spaces to agree on project vision and foster knowledge sharing Participative sessions to create solutions in different areas such as energy, circular economy, private and public spaces, services, in order to create a proximity ecosystem. Organisation of the congress “Rethinking Cities” with the objective of sharing and reflecting together…Read More


La pinada Fun was born, an initiative created to bring the space to life and offer an entertainment, cultural and gastronomic alternative that can help people to live in a sustainable way.  Opening of Imagine Montessori School La Pinada. The school serves as activities and community generator nucleo.  Co-creations sessions…Read More


We agree upon a shared vision at material/ urbanistic level. We keep working in the design and administration issues of Barrio La Pinada. We keep creating training and sharing spaces to create together a more sustainable life. Join us! La Pinada Lab was born, the open innovation center for sustainability. 

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