Zubi Labs calls on international references to reflect on the challenges of the present and future in cities

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The Re-thinking Cities, Challenges towards Future Cities conference will be held on Friday 29 June at the Polytechnic City of Innovation with the aim of sharing international best practices and successful experiences on urban regeneration and new city developments.

The speakers included teams from Portland, Vancouver, Berlin, London, and Hammarby (Stockholm).

Zubi Labs is organising the first international conference, Re-thinking Cities, Challenges towards Future Cities, to be held on Friday 29th June in the Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación.

The large increase in the world’s population in recent decades has unleashed enormous urban growth that has caused a long list of problems that put the planet and people’s quality of life at risk. Today, cities consume 75% of the world’s natural resources, produce half of the world’s waste and generate 60-80% of greenhouse gas emissions. This global problem has been the focus of public policies and actions, among them the European Union and the United Nations have established challenges and priority objectives to act in a sustainable manner and generate cities where citizens enjoy a dignified quality of life, generating shared prosperity and social stability without harming the environment.

In this context, the first International Congress, Re-thinking cities: Challenges Towards Future Cities, lands in Valencia. An intensive day of lectures and workshops, with international reference cities that will reflect on the shared challenges of the present and future in cities, sharing experiences that can contribute to the design and implementation of solutions for other municipalities.

“From Zubi Labs, we wanted to create a forum where international technical experts could share stories and practical experiences, and thus contribute to developing local talent with the aim of improving the sustainability of our cities.”

Explains Iker Marcaide, founder and CEO of Zubi Labs.

Among the speakers were Stellan Fryxell, architect responsible for the sustainability strategy of an international success story, the Hammarby eco-neighbourhood in Stockholm; Thomas Osdoba, with his conference “Sustainability Strategies from North American Cities”, Co-founder and Director of EcoDistrics; and advisor to cities such as Portland and Vancouver; Tim Taylor, director of the European programme “Smart Sustainable Districts” at Climate-Kic, a partner in the organisation of the conference; Elliot Bushay, head of sustainability at the London Legacy Development Corporation or Bruno Sauer, head of urban design in the La Pinada neighbourhood.

After an intensive morning of presentations, during the afternoon session, a select group of experts representing the different agents, public entities, associations, municipal technicians, town planners, etc. will work together with the speakers to generate concrete solutions to the different challenges raised around three themes: energy, water and data.

Re-thinking cities, is a day that has the support of partners such as Barrio la Pinada, Technical University of Munich, Climate Kic, Ideas UPV, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, ITE, Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía, AVAESEN, CERS – the Club de Empresas Responsables y Sostenibles de la Comunidad Valenciana, MIT Technology Tech Review and Corresponsables.


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