Barrio La Pinada and the Valencian Association of Startups join forces to create La Pinada Labs

La Pinada Labs, an open innovation initiative for the development of solutions that contribute to generating more sustainable cities and communities.

The world is facing a process of massive urbanization and concentration of population in cities. In Spain, 53% of the population is already concentrated in cities and by 2050 this figure is expected to reach 70%.

With the aim of promoting the development of solutions that support generation and transformation to create Sustainable Cities and Communities, in line with objective number 11 of the United Nations, La Pinada Labs was born, an open innovation initiative promoted by the Valencian Association of Startups (AVS) and the district of La Pinada.

Cities are a complex and highly connected system and require new ways of creating, innovating and experimenting. According to the UN, in order to carry out a successful sustainable development programme, it is necessary to foster alliances between stakeholders that mobilise and exchange knowledge, specialisation, technology and financial resources.

“With this initiative, we seek to create a platform that allows a deep collaboration between all to really generate something inspiring in the different dimensions that the city covers such as energy, urbanism and housing, information technologies, health and welfare, sustainable mobility, landscape and biodiversity, social cohesion, local economy and economic activity, construction processes and supply chain, water, education and learning or waste and circular economy,” says Iker Marcaide, Founder and CEO of La Pinada.

“We invite other companies (large and small) that are committed to innovation in their businesses, startups, administrations and knowledge institutions to join as partners,” he concludes.

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