Barrio La Pinada at South Summit 2018

From the 3rd to the 5th of October, South Summit 2018 was held in Madrid, an event that welcomes year after year the greatest number of entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. More than 12,000 attendees, 3500 Startup’s and around 700 investors, position South Summit as a reference event in the section of innovation and development.

In it, the most innovative ideas, pioneers and thousands of startups are presented to investors interested in supporting projects based on innovation and the future. Iker Marcaide, representing  ZubiLabs  and Barrio La Pinada, attended the event.

South Summit, formerly known as Spain Startup & Investor Summit, was created in 2012. The event is formed by a series of conferences and debates of diverse topics, but always around innovation. It has world experts, international impact companies, CEO’s and entrepreneurs who seek to acquire and provide knowledge on entrepreneurship strategies and investments with impact.

 Magnificent overview of the current business and entrepreneurship market

It provides a magnificent overview of the current business and entrepreneurship market. For three days, experts from the world of entrepreneurship met to discuss the following topics: education, energy, mobility, work, technology, etc. Some ideas left by this past South Summit have been that continuous training, personal relationships and talent have to be part of the top management agenda to promote an optimal work ecosystem.

Speakers of recognized international prestige have participated, among numerous names such as Ken Robinson (TED Speaker Education Expert), Jonas Jacobi (VP of Developer Advocacy, Worldwide IBM), Dr Ekta Dang  (Venture Partner ,Fenox Venture Capital), Sonya Lovienoo (Managing Director Silicon Valley Bank), Ernesto Ciorra (Director of the Enel Innovation and Sustainability Department), Stephanie Zweifel (Director of the Fundation Máshumano Companies Area), Arturo García Alonso (Managing Director Of Global Social Impact), Gordon Willoughby (CEO WeTransfer) and Iker Marcaide (Founder and CEO ZubiLabs and Barrio La Pinada) among many others.

La Pinada at South Summit 2018

Iker Marcaide, representing the La Pinada neighbourhood, contributed knowledge in two specific areas. Responsible investments and how technology can be used to do good. He developed the idea of creating Valencia’s first sustainable neighbourhood, placing the city on the map as a pioneer in innovation towards sustainable development. The idea was born from the achievement of an ecosystem that integrates technology, people and nature, with the aim of achieving efficiency, responsibility and connection with people and the environment.

Iker, showed the key to achieve through technological innovations, experiential educational methods and personalization the vision of achieving the goal of our children growing up again playing in the street, seeing greener and less gray, making a more intelligent use of resources, encouraging mutual aid between all, being able to have more health and be more active, creating happier moments with our own.

The vision exposed in South Summit, is the creation of a neighborhood for families, in which priority is given to enhance the curiosity, creativity and autonomy of children. In which the priority is the use of resources in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, making available to neighbors intelligent mobility solutions, shared economy formulas and incorporating innovative concepts in all phases of the project.

At South Summit, ideas were launched for the incorporation of experiential learning, the need for continuous training, the need for a change in education and the positioning of people in the centre in order to achieve a favourable and inclusive labour and educational ecosystem.

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