These technological advances that you tell me about and that could improve the urban quality of Valencia

How urban culture is on the threshold of new changes that should make life in the city easier. Proposals for better use of our own data footprint

A giant, constant, participatory process occurs without the awareness of those who drive it. Cities are too similar to the usual ones (this craving for the promise of immediate change collides with the restful speed of great transformations), but at the same time cities are closer than ever to rounding off the equation between technology and the use that citizens make of the places they live or transit.

Little fiction. Changes that are already possible and only need to be scaled up to mass implementation. So it doesn’t look like a futuristic film, we’ve asked experts in urban change and technology to state how our lives could be changed – albeit just a little – by using the data we generate. Changes, even if they are already in place, for the better.

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