Spain’s first eco-neighbourhood, designed by its citizens, which will reduce its environmental impact

Spain’s first eco-neighbourhood, co-designed from the outset by its future inhabitants, will be a reality in a few years’ time.

An active community is working to change the traditional model of the city that leads to inequality, pollution, congestion and inefficient use of resources. The so-called La Pinada neighbourhood in Paterna (Valencia), chosen by Europe as a pioneer in the fight against climate change, will see the light of day in 2021. This is the date when the first phase of a healthy, dynamic and socially cohesive district will be underway, integrated in the middle of nature, where children will play in open-air and pedestrianized environments and the fauna and flora of the place will be recovered and improved, with an efficient use of energy and natural resources, betting on the circular economy. A’humanized’ model and outlined by citizens who are tired of living in aggressive environments.

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