17 consejos para ahorrar energía en tu vida diaria

17 consejos para ahorrar energia en tu vida diaria
Tips para ahorrar energía


When it comes to saving energy, leaving an appliance switched on is the infinitesimal equivalent to the CO2 emissions of any industry. How can this be made less demoralising when it comes to saving energy/money at home? Surely by stopping to think in individual terms and starting to consider what effect millions of plugged-in appliances have on millions of rivers, mountains and fields.

This is why (and because we know your bills drive you crazy), we have compiled this list of 17 tips for saving energy at home. Take note.

17 consejos para ahorrar energia en tu vida diaria


Air Conditioning and Central Heating

1: Invest in insulation: this is the key to saving energy. Steps like double-glazing, sealing doors and windows and suitably insulating the walls will allow you to reduce up to 60% of energy consumption.

2: Install thermostats and timers for central heating: and keep your home at around 20º C (money starts to be wasted above this temperature).

3: Go for renewable energies: heat your home with alternatives to fossil fuels like biomass or solar energy.

4: Use air-conditioning in an efficient way: don’t let it go below 24º C in summer.

Electrical household appliances

5: Buy energy-efficient electrical appliances: class A or above.

6: Unplug appliances: the stand-by mode can increase your electricity bill, so unplug the devices you are not using (computers or mobile phone chargers, among other things).

7: Make good use of your fridge: set its temperature between 3º C and 7º C and the freezer around -20º C. Besides this, remember to switch it off if you are going for a long period of time, and keep it in optimal conditions (it’s the household appliance that uses the most electricity).

8: Don’t waste energy using the oven and the kitchen: for example, by opening the oven door during baking, or not making the most of the residual heat from the kitchen.


We are facing a real water shortage, which also leads to a double expense in the case of hot water.

9: Choose an efficient boiler and keep it in good condition.

10: Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full: and take into account that they will use 80% of the energy just by heating the water, so choose the cold programmes.

11: Installl aerators for the taps and double discharge cisterns: these will let you save up to 50% of water.

12: Repair possible leaks.

13: Change your consumer habits: spending less time in the shower, and using excess water for watering plants etc. are two good practices.


14: Choose LED technology: your lighting consumption will be reduced up to 90%.

15: Use motion detectors.

16: Switch off the lights: even when you have left just for a minute(it’s not true that you use more electricity by switching them on and off).

17: Make the most of natural light: don’t close the curtains or the blinds until it gets dark.

And that rounds up these 17 tips for saving energy that you can put into practice in your own home from today. They are little touches but important actions. It depends on you to improve this planet a little!