TIP: Building a greenhouse as a family

Environmental education in family: Building a GreenHouse

Today we want to share an activity to enjoy with the family that respects the environment and that will make us all children again. Do you want to join us to build a small greenhouse, family

Where do we recommend you to do it?

Outdoors in an area surrounded by vegetation with some clearing to illustrate the temperature increase inside the greenhouse.

What do we need?

The land is a dynamic entity, which provides us with the necessary resources and facilities that we use on a daily basis. It is a closed system that needs care and compression.
Gummed paper, cardboard box, scissors or cardboard cutting knife, polyethylene bag, jars or plastic containers, paint, water and thermometers.

Why to do this activity?

#Experiential learning #Respect for nature
The earth has a layer of gases called the atmosphere, which allows the life of the planet’s living beings. This gaseous layer protects us from part of the radiation from the sun, allowing only short waves to pass through and refracting those that are harmful to living beings. Thanks to this layer the temperature in the atmosphere remains stable and provides the right temperature. Therefore, the energy is trapped.

On the other hand, as the Earth is a closed system, the inputs and outputs are not proportional. The generation of waste, the increase in population and the misuse of the resources it provides us with have constituted a serious situation in the health of the planet. For this reason, this workshop is also an introductory step towards raising awareness of the need to care for and respect the planet. Let’s get to work!

Building a greenhouse:

Paso 1

  1. First we will cut the corners of a cardboard box to form four fins, as shown in the illustration. We will leave about 4cm from the base to maintain the rigidity of the box.

2. Next, we’ll bend the fins outward. In the two longer ones we will cut a rectangle leaving a frame of 2 cm.

3. We’ll join the two frames at the top with gummed paper. We will then trim the end flaps to fit the frames and attach them with gummed paper.

4. We will place the “greenhouse” in the sun. Hang a thermometer on the top of the frame and note the temperature.


5.  Stick two transparent polyethylene rectangles on the window frames of the greenhouse, put the greenhouse in the sun and take new readings on the thermometer, with this practice we can see how the temperature inside the greenhouse increases.

We hope you enjoyed this activity #easytips

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* Images Copy right: Unesco- Environmental education activities for primary schools

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