TIP: Building a Bird Feeder

Many of the world’s most beloved and biologically diverse landscapes are in severe danger.  Birds depend on a diverse range of habitats and the threats they face vary equally. The reduction of forests, grasslands or wetlands and the poorly planned extraction of resources has caused a reduction in birdlife habitats.

If our orchard or garden is located in areas that don’t have a fountain or spring, it is important to install drinking troughs to meet the needs of the poultry fauna. Bird feeders are structures with a water tank that is intended to serve as a place of provisioning.

From La Pinada we want to offer you a simple solution for the construction of a drinking fountain with materials that we all have within our reach.


A plastic plate, a small wooden strip, a bolt with washer, wire and a plastic bottle.


Bird Feeder

Stick the cap of the bottle on the plate

Drill a hole in the center of the cap and plate


Place the screw in the hole (this serves to secure the bracket better)

Put hot silicone on the back of the plate to glue the wooden ribbon together. Be sure to glue the ribbon together and secure it correctly.

Make three holes near the mouth of the bottle. The holes should form a small triangle.

Construcción Bebedero Paso a paso

Use the wire to hang the feeder, you can also place it on a surface if it is for bigger birds.  Fill the bottle with water and the bird feeder is ready to be placed!


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