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On February 23, 2018, Iker Marcaide, promoter of Barrio La Pinada, participated in the panel composed of: Rui Stoffel, Joan Enric Ricart, Juan Galiardo and Stewart Allen, as part of the Doing Good Doing Well conference organized by IESE. Specifically in the PANEL 4A – SUSTAINABLE CITIES & COMMUNITIES.

An important event where innovation and technology were key to providing smart and practical solutions while optimizing the massive investment required for cities to adapt. The quality of life of the majority of our population depends on private and public entities who work together to solve one of the biggest problems of our time.

This explosion in the urban population exerts great pressure on the existing infrastructure at a time when cities also face financial challenges. Considering that more than half of the world’s population (around 4 billion people) live in cities today and that percentage is expected to reach 70% by 2030. The organizations that participated in this panel are currently working to resolve some of the challenges of this rapid urbanization.

It is possible to generate a transition towards a new model. The pine forest is a project that seeks to create social and environmental value, beyond economic value. It is possible to generate a transition towards a new model. Join us, let’s explore the challenges and opportunities of SDG 11!


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