Reinventing Cities: Meet-Up Madrid

In Madrid on February 26 we met in an innovative citation, a global invitation to an extraordinary meetingA call for: architects, engineers, ecologists, neighborhood associations, innovators, designers, builders, entrepreneurs, investors … All invited to reinvent the cities!

The inauguration of the day was presented by Brian Kilkelly of Urban Transitions EIT Climate-KIC, José Manuel Calvo Councilor for Sustainable Urban Development of the City Council of Madrid, Jean-Louis Missika City Planning Councilor of Paris City Council, Demetrio Scopelli Chief of Staff of the Lieutenant of Mayor of Urbanism of Milan, Anders Rǿberg-Larsen Vice-Mayor Secretary of Oslo, Jose-Luis Muñoz General Director EIT Climate-KIC Spain Coordinator EIT Cross-KIC Spain.

The Meet-up in Madrid raises an unprecedented contest involving important city of the world, whose main objective is the recovery of abandoned spaces in cities to carry out innovative urban projects, focused on decarbonization, urban resilience, the creation ofjob.

Madrid participated in the international Reinventing Cities contest with four locations: two solar areas of economic activity in the districts of Vicálvaro and Villaverde, and two buildings: the municipal market of Orcasur, in Usera, and a building and a site in the Vallecas Campus of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Reinventing Cities a sustainable concept that brought together responsible investments with the environment and society, in which Iker Marcaide Founder of Barrio La Pinada, participated in the round table exposing our innovative project formed by more than 25 professionals in the field of energy, sustainability, mobility, water, sustainable architecture, urbanism, circular economy and proximity.
Barrio la Pinada, an extraordinary eco-neighborhood for families, healthy, alive, where to be part of a dynamic community, we are designing together.

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