Make Smthng week returns to Valencia to raise awareness of overconsumption

This is a global initiative promoted by Greenpeace and Fashion Revolution.

The Slowear Project, Barrio La Pinada, Las Tejedoras Voluntarias de la ONG Proyso, Optimus Garden and El Molí Lab, organize for the second consecutive year a day of free workshops to celebrate Make Smnthg, the week to change consumption for creativity and collaboration.

We use more and more natural resources than the planet can generate; from fashion and technology to food, single-use plastics, toys or cars, we produce and consume too much. We need to find a way to create a cultural change, to re-value our real goods and keep them as long as we can. Many people have already rediscovered the art, craft and joy of creating, as well as the power to come together with their community to share skills, experiences and knowledge.

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