Enjoy an eco-friendly picnic and zero-waste!

Summer is just around the corner, and from La Pinada neighborhood we have many new features and desire to continue sharing with you interesting, fun and practical content for an eco-friendly life. Now we ask you: What do you like most about summer?

When the sun starts to rise, we immediately change the mental chip to summery, like family, friends, and we begin to sting the desire to share with nature in the open air.

There are many ways to continue to take advantage of the good weather: a weekend trip, an afternoon in the sun when leaving work, or why not a picnic. For that reason, today we propose you 5 ideas to enjoy an ecof-riendly and zero-waste picnic.

Choose a site that will inspire you
The park next to the house where you relax every day when leaving work, that corner of the house where the breeze runs, the mountain range, a beach, a greenhouse, even the living room of your house, any place can be special, the company and the details make the ordinary, something extraordinary.

Find a place that allows explorers to drive less, walk, ride a bike or take public transportation. They will benefit from walking or cycling.

Think about the menu you’re going to prepare: less is more
Find and prepare simple and tasty recipes that you can enjoy during your picnic, but above all remember that they are easy to eat. Get away from the excess of household goods. Remember less is more! and eat with your hands.

The goal of a picnic is to eat! … putting together a dressing of fast foods or packaged meals may seem like the perfect shortcut. However, single-use cutlery, plastic containers and polystyrene containers to carry take the waste to the environment. Pack food, beverages and utensils that will leave as little footprint as possible.

Beware of foods that need cold: avoid dairy, raw meat / fish or egg. Avoid unnecessary waste. Avoid using and throwing, and reuse has been said. When finished, collect and leave everything clean. Better yet than how you found it!

Use the smallest possible packaging
It may be more comfortable to carry plastic utensils, but think about it, use something for an hour and it takes a lot of sense to decompose millions of years. Use reusable containers, glass jars, tupperware to carry the food, wrap it in paper, carry napkins and cloth tablecloths, transport the nuts in cloth bags, crockery, glasses or some crystal glasses, well organized everything can be transported and use.

Instead of bottling, stay hydrated with a reusable container filled with filtered water or a bottle with an integrated Brita filter; when they expire, they are 100% recyclable. A waste-free food kit with reusable cutlery, cutlery and napkins, and food brands with recyclable packaging. Bringing your pet can also have a low impact with Earthborn Holistic food and beverage containers. Homemade sandwiches and snacks with products and bread from local suppliers support systems that keep the planet healthy.

Customize your picnic
The details say everything. Play with the design to make the picnic more special, anything that is special, such as some candles to give atmosphere to the special evening.

Finally, invite your favorite people. And Remember … To enjoy the many summer days to come!

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