Do you want to participate and know more about La Pinadat?

Our manifesto

Any urban process needs to be linked to the society and the inhabitants of the place where it is located. This is true, or should be, in all urban processes, but when the action aims to be based on concepts such as environmental, economic and social sustainability, this linkage is essential.

That is the case of this project, La Pinada aims to create an eco-neighborhood that includes all these axes of sustainability and, therefore, must take care of the relationships and impacts it generates in the rest of the municipality. To do so, it promotes a process of consultation and participation with which to know the needs, expectations, problems and illusions that the project may awaken and thereby help improve the municipality.

We want to hear you

Do you have concerns about the neighborhood and would you like to meet us for us to solve them?

Let’s have a coffee together


    He leído y acepto lapolítica de privacidad

    Other participation spaces

    We do not just want to have a coffee with you, but also invite you to future activities in other spaces of participation with which we want to reach the greatest number of people, we want to make this dream with you.

    Group interviews

    They will be carried out with representatives of the civil society of the city of Paterna, with the objective of exploring the needs and knowing their opinions on the issues.


    They are open to the citizens of Paterna, in which we intend to collectively build a wider diagnosis of needs.