Why Innovate with Us?

Innovation Partners

To accomplish our ambitious objectives regarding sustainability and the maximisation of value for clients, we have an innovation programme which is open to invite other companies that opt for innovation in their business. We integrate companies in all fields related to the project: from manufacturers of materials, components, constructors, providers of energy, water, mobility, landscape and biodiversity, retail and economic activity etc.

Our objective is to improve the inefficiencies in the industry due to the lack of interests being lined up along the supply chain, and a lack of solution integration in a systematic way, which results in destroying value for everyone. A district is a complex and very connected system, and we seek a strong collaboration between companies to really create something inspirational.

This programme consists of:

  1. To work collaboratively among all partners in an integrated way, and from the initial stages of design, to give clients and the thousands of people who have shown their interest in living in La Pinada the priority, and create innovative solutions that maximise the value for all clients and companies in a customer-centric approach. In order to do this, we work hand in hand with clients.
  2. Our partners subsequently use their know-how, acquired knowledge and new solutions to grow their respective businesses, and by doing so, we multiply the positive impact generated by La Pinada.
  3. We develop joint projects, including European projects, spin-offs, and pilots, and show new solutions in our living-lab and show-room.
  4. The innovation partners, who are potential suppliers at the same time, have preference in the business generated by the district in the future.

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