We are delighted to share this dream with you in which we all play a part to design the community and the place where we want to live.

Register for the co-design process, guarantee your preferential access in the choice of your home and start to create your future neighbourhood with us


Why register for the co-design process?

* If you have not purchased or rented a house at the time of the handover of the keys during the first stage of execution for the residential buildings, either due to lack of availability or lack of interest, you shall receive a refund.

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We already have 1500 families interested in living in La Pinada, and more than 400 have taken part in our co-creation workshops

What other people say who share your values and have signed up to be a future resident

Who is Barrio La Pinada for?

For parents who value their children growing up while playing in the street
For people who like to have contact with nature
For those who are concerned about sustainability and the future of our planet
For the elderly who want to live in a peaceful place
For parents who identify themselves with the Montessori education philosophy
For people who are interested in the concepts of eco-districts and smart cities
For young people who are looking for a peaceful and healthy lifestyle
For people who value the benefits of proximity, local business and a sharing economy
For people who are innovative, enterprising, non-conformist, avant-garde and visionary

Who is Barrio La Pinada not for?

For those who don’t rate contact with nature
For people who need to buy a house to live in now

Who are the promoters of the project?

Which companies are responsible for the development of the project?

The steps for becoming a resident in Barrio La Pinada


You will have the right to take part in the co-design process and have preferential access to choose between buying or renting a house, according to the order of registration, among other variables.

You will be able to take part in the co-design days if you like, during which we will design the neighbourhood and the housing together.

When the time comes to handover the keys, you can choose to either buy or rent your house.

Los pasos para ser vecino del Barrio La Pinada


Tendrás derecho a participar en el proceso de co-diseño y al acceso preferente a optar a una vivienda para la compra o alquiler, según orden de inscripción, entre otras variables.


Podrás participar de las jornadas de co-diseño, si lo deseas, donde conjuntamente diseñaremos el barrio y las vivendas.


Llegado el momento de la entrega de llaves, podrás elegir tu vivienda optando entre compra o alquiler.

We resolve your doubts

How much does it cost to register?

In order for there to be a certain level of commitment, you can register with a refundable payment of €600.

Why do I have to pay 600 euros?

The registration provides: a) the right to take part in the process and b) the right to have preferential access in your choice of house available for sale or rent in the same conditions that will be offered in the market, and will take the order of registration into account, among other variables.

Will I receive a refund if I withdraw?

The payment is totally refundable, and the 600 euros shall be refunded upon completion of the first stage, should you decide not to buy/rent a house. Any additional amount for any concept, including damages, interests or loss of potential earnings shall be renounced given any of the following circumstances:

a) In the case of any cause beyond our will, such promotion shall not be carried out. b) If at the time of the handover of keys for the first stage of execution for the residential buildings, you would not have bought or rented a house, either due to lack of availability or your lack of interest. In addition, Barrio La Pinada reserves the right to terminate the registration at any time, to return such amount, and terminate the rights inherent to such registration – your registration and the order of registration.

Am I obliged to take part in the co-design process?

The participation in the co-creation of the neighbourhood is completely voluntary. We want all participants to contribute as much as they feel comfortable in doing so. The process will advance, and when a certain time comes, there will even be themed work groups that form, so that each one can contribute according to their motives.

We also want to mention that your contribution is altruistic in this sense, and is in favour of everyone coming to the best solution possible, which is why we would like to clarify that you shall not be able to demand your proposals to be binding, nor be compensated for them.

What happens if the project does NOT continue forward?

If the project does not continue forward, you will not have lost anything because you have the right to redeem the whole amount of your registration fee. The refund shall be made to the person who is stated in the handover and on the invoice that was issued. In the case that these may not be the same, the refund shall not be made to the holder of the account from which the amount was paid.

If I register now, will I be obliged to buy or rent a house later?

Under no circumstances. The registration does not entail a commitment or obligation to buy or rent a house. The refundable payment of €600 which is linked to the participation in the co-creation workshop is requested for a certain level of commitment and interest when it comes to living in the neighbourhood at a later date, but does not imply any obligation to buy or rent a house at any time.

When will the properties be handed over?

We forecast that the handover of the first stage of residential buildings shall occur during the year 2021.

Which company is carrying out the project?

La Pinada is a project promoted by Zubi Labs.

Zubi Labs co-creates companies that seek to create a positive impact in our immediate environment, and use the company as a tool to obtain an economical, social and environmental profit. The team is led by Iker Marcaide, and comprises other entrepreneurs who believe that companies should seek something more than a profit and loss account that is purely financial. Sometimes they call us ‘impact venture builders’, ‘social venture builders’, ‘impact investors’ or simply good people who try to use their resources, in order to make an environment that is better for everyone.

We are presently focused on subjects such as:
Education: to change education for the progress of society and humanity in which each one of us can contribute to collective progress with our unique talents.
Sustainability: new ways that we can do more with less, and to obtain a rational, efficient and long-term sustained use of our limited resources.
Groups in risk of exclusion: Incomes and work for groups who need them the most. Products and services which are affordable for these groups.

What rights do I have subsequent to registering and paying 600 euros?

From the moment you register, we will consider you as being a possible future resident, which makes your opinion matter to us.

In addition to all that, and specifically while you maintain your registration, you will have the right to the following:

a) A right to take part and propose ideas throughout the process. While you are registered, you have the right to take part in the design of the neighbourhood and the project through the contribution of recommendations or suggestions that will be submitted to the evaluation of experts, and shall be incorporated into the project if they are suitable.

b) According to the order of registration, among other variables, you will have the right to preferential access in your choice of house which is available for sale or rent in the same conditions offered in the market.
It is understood that your proposals are not professional or binded to the neighbourhood under any circumstance and shall not be remunerated in any case.

Can I register later, nearer the time of the property handover?

Certainly. You can register at any time, but take into account that you do not risk the deposit for registration. If you register later, you lose the opportunity to keep up with the progress and to be able to carry out suggestions or proposals from the start; to know, get to know and build trust with the Pinada community, and you even risk the possibility of us not having any property available.

What are the advantages of registering now?

To take part in the co-creation process for the neighbourhood that goes beyond defining the housing, and among many other things, we take the experiences into account that you want to experience while living in the neighbourhood; the services you want to be offered; the way you want to access your house; how you want to move around; which kind of community we want to be and how we want to communicate and make decisions etc.

Get to know the community in the neighbourhood and take advantage of opportunities that will emerge during the development of the project. Do you want to start up a business? Organise an activity? Co-invest? We promote a participatory and open model, but we give special priority to our residents who placed their trust in us.

Preferential access at the time of choosing a house.

Put your name down for the co-design process and guarantee your preference in choosing a house to become a future resident. Limited number of registrations.

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