La Pinada at the Future Trends Forum

We are very happy, because this Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31, 2018, we continue working to generate a positive social and environmental impact. La Pinada neighborhood, led by our technology director, Víctor H. Sáez, has been chosen by the group of experts for the (FTF), organized by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation.

The Future Trends Forum promoted by the Bankinter Foundation at the University of Pennsylvania.

On this occasion, the international think tank specializing in innovation, will address how technology creates disruptive cities, the impact it has on society and how innovation and entrepreneurship are critical tools for creating value for society and business opportunities that are generated.

During the development of the forum will address different issues such as the evolution of life in cities and the different challenges they face, among which are, mobility, employment, cybersecurity and security, or the generation of partnerships and the good government, among many others.

The forum was born with the aim of generating conclusions that are transmitted to the whole society, making accessible a practical knowledge and close to reality, for that reason, there are many formats in which the conferences will take place, from conferences, to multidisciplinary working and discussion groups.

In this forum, experts of the size of:

Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda Consultant. Advisor to the European Commission on Transport R & D and Former Head of Innovation and Transport for London UK.
Chin Nam Tan Former Permanent Secretary, Singapore Public Service and Senior Corporate Adviser Singapore.
Peter Hirshberg Principal in the Maker City Project Founder of the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts USA.
John Rossant Founder and Chairman, The New Cities Foundation, Founder and Chief Curator, LA CoMotion USA.
Khoo Teng Chye Executive Director of the Center for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development (MND) Singapore.
William Haseltine Chairman and President at Access Health International USA.
Emilio Méndez Director of Energy Science and Technology Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Trustee of the Bankinter Innovation Foundation.
Stephen Trachtenberg President Emeritus George Washington University. Trustee of Bankinter Innovation Foundation. USES.
From La Pinada neighborhood, we are delighted with the invitation and with this we can contribute from our experience to the analysis of these latest trends, which will surely change our future. We are looking forward to the conclusions! Thank you Future Trends Forum for inviting us to be part of this innovation think tank. 


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