The Valencia Region leads the challenge towards a more humane economy

Fourteen Valencians create the Líderes de Innovación group to achieve “a better world”.

The Region has taken the initiative to make society and its politicians aware of the need to promote innovation and the circular economy, which “will leave us with a better world”, Rafael de la Cuadra, CEO of Global Tech Strategies and member of the recently created group of Innovation and Circular Economy Leaders of the Region of Valencia, explained to Levante -EMV.

In total, fourteen Valencian experts have come together to “make visible, promote and raise awareness about sustainability and the benefits” for both society and the environment of the new economic model that aims, in short, to achieve a system of use of resources where priority is given to the reduction, reuse and recycling of the elements. “A more social and humane economy is possible,” they say from this group.


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