Traditional Valencian Games

?? Thank you very much! ??

We loved having you in our last activity, the magical world of the Traditional Valencian Games, from Barrio la Pinada we work every day to create a space that we can all enjoy together to the fullest?

On Saturday, March 10, we got together to play in a great free activity dedicated for the whole family. We share with the kids and with the older ones of the house too, the games that we played in our childhood!

The day was just perfect, sunny, with lots of laughs and smiles from adults and kids, it was the perfect day to remember that any day is the ideal time to breathe fresh air, recharge your batteries with the energy of the sun being in touch with nature and also, enjoy a picnic surrounded by family and friends.

The games started with the children’s cry: “flying lions!” and “flying!”, which were the names of their respective groups to play the: Birles, Les Chapes, The Sambori, The Rope, Sack Race, and of course could not miss the traditional game of hiding onions and potatoes among the leafy pines of the neighborhood.?

We hope to see you soon in the neighborhood and so you can be aware of our upcoming free activities, you can sign up for our newsletter. But meanwhile here we leave the link to a video summary of the activity and some photos See you soon! ??

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