Happy forest day!??

Each tree tells a story … and in the Barrio La Pinada, we have many beloved trees that can count several wonderful ones. ??

At La Pinada, we dream and work for a sustainable neighborhood where the dreams of children and adults come true 鉁? We celebrate nature and family life! On this occasion, we planted more than 100 trees together with the children. ?One of the values 鈥嬧媤e promote is respect for nature, and getting involved with children is one of the best lessons we can inherit.

Inspired by our desire to provide our children with a healthy environment where they can experience being safe, where they can coexist with nature and, of course, where we can spend more memorable moments with 聽family and friends.

Why is the international forest聽day important? ? A single tree is a complex ecosystem that supports numerous species of invertebrates (insects, arachnids), as well as vertebrates (birds, reptiles and mammals), which find their food in it, by means of leaves, buds, buds or fruits, and shelter. On its bark grow fungi, lichens and parasitic plants, who are nourished by their sap, and epiphytes (grow on them, but do not hurt them), like lianas, which use them as a point of support to access the heights where it abounds the light. Among the roots, insects abound.

Trees regulate temperature, purify the environment, oxygenate the air, contribute to regulate rainfall, protect the soil, shelter ecosystems, provide shade, improve eroded sectors, dampen the environment, reduce noise, and are able to temper the place, since they cause a sensation of freshness and humidity, even stopping frosts with their foliage; they produce food and multiple resources. Reasons for this date to celebrate recognition of the multiple services that the tree provides to life and human activity, in addition to the symbolic position it occupies in many traditional cultures.

Soon we will announce more workshops and activities in the neighborhood, if you want us to keep you updated, sign up to our newsletter! By the way, if you have any proposal of healthy activity and family and would like to use our land we will love that you put us in hola@barriolapinada.es ?

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