Eco-Barrio La Pinada, a space for everyone

The abandonment suffered in recent years has left the area of choice for our eco-barrio in a considerably deteriorated state. Over this period, waste has been uncontrollably dumped here in many cases changing the terrain and deteriorating the existing plant soil.

This issue has led to the development of our project as one of landscape and social regeneration, which we refer to as “revitalisation”. We want to turn the space into a more habitable and sociable space, where any visitor can enjoy themselves instantly. As such, we have put our team of experts in topography into action, and what is now an emerging mission will soon be transformed into a locality.

Our course of action during the development of this project will take the following direction: encourage respect for the environment,foster respectful education , develop healthy leisure events for families and materialise our promise with society.

Encourage respect for the environment

The first step will consist of dignifying the area, carrying out a selective cleaning of all the discharged debris, collecting an inventory of what is collected and reusing what is viable. Non-reusable materials will be taken to special landfills designed for the environmentally responsible treatment of waste.

As part of the second step, actions will focus on the recuperation and encouraged regeneration of flora and fauna. We will aim to recuperate lost terrain, and cultivate dried land. Amongst others, techniques such as mulching will be used to regenerate the soil, optimise its condition and later be able to conduct the planting of undergrowth.


Regarding vegetation, existing diseases affecting pine trees will be treated.

As we believe that respect emanates from understanding, plant species will be signalled to nurture their identification.

Foster respectful education:

We are encouraging all visitors to discover and value the space, becoming aware of cultural aspects that favour pluralism and with that in mind, personal development. Following this, we will provide workshops designed to encourage respect for diversity and inclusion with collective activities, markets and individual races or others of coexistence with disadvantaged or special needs groups.

Develop healthy leisure events for families:

To facilitate the use of this space surrounded by nature as one for family enjoyment, we will regenerate, open and mark out spaces that accommodate recreational use, installing a child-games circuit, a sports area, a nature classroom and various meeting points. We will also offer a program of cultural and sporting activities such as tree planting (link to other post), child workshops (herbal, study of pollinizers), healthy foods with food truck events, music events etc.

Materialise our promise with society:

We have a vested promise to generate value for society. A clear example being that we include in our philosophy an approach to contract providers who will incorporate social terms. Specifically, throughout the revitalisation project, we will prioritise the contracting of socio-economic organisations and businesses that have a clear impact on the lives of groups at risk of exclusion.

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