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co-designing conferences of our neighborhood

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urban innovation conference

We want to co-design the neighborhood with you

The residents are the best people to decide how they want their district to be, which is why we have prepared different activities for considering the design of the community together.
We want to know your hopes, expectations and motivations to determine the elements of a neighborhood in which you would like to live.

How wil we do it?

To start with, the most important aspect will be to get to know each other and share our views, which is why we will carry out:

Future Resident Meetings

These will be carried out one by one with people who show an interest in forming part of the project, and with those who are already participants. The idea is to have personalised information on needs and designs.

Group Interviews

We will carry out these with a group of future residents in the district who are involved in the project. We will determine aspects of the community with them, and listen to their expectations and views, so we can take these into account during the design.

Co-Design Workshops

These will be carried out with groups of potential residents, and with residents who are already involved, with the objective of determining the total framework of the district, challenges, and ideas on big issues such as sustainability, community, management…

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Participate with us in the co-creation process.

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Take part in the co-creation process of your home and district.

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