Circo de Pandora

We had a great time with the Pandora’s circus!

Last Saturday, February 24th, on the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, we had the privilege of having the children of Circolio in the neighborhood. We enjoyed a fun morning that also had a great social impact.

A show suitable for all audiences that, in addition to being fun, we approach important issues such as social inclusion, machismo, racism, bullying and tools of how  to solve violence.

But what fills the Pinada team the most with this activity is that in addition to having fun, we also contribute to generating this positive social impact by involving groups at risk of social exclusion in our agenda of activities, with Circolio’s social circus.

The Social Circus recognizes and values the role of art and culture as a powerful agent in the education of groups at risk of social exclusion. With rigorous training, interpersonal dialogue and expression, and the acquisition of goals through dedication, it has the capacity to alter the lives of people at risk. Autonomy, solidarity, self-esteem, physical conditioning, communication, creativity and adaptability are some of the skills learned and practiced.

While a career in the circus is a possible future for young people participating in the social circus, it is not the purpose. On the contrary, the aim is to increase self-awareness, individuality and collective unity, self-discipline and many other values through a pedagogical alternative to transform the vision and capacities of the collectives we work with.

All that remains is to say is THANK YOU to our friends at Circolio and to the wonderful young people who made us enjoy their efforts and dedication so much.

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