Celebration of Plant a Tree Day in Barrio la Pinada. With your family, of course.

La Pinada is born out of our wish to offer our children a healthy environment where they can safely experiment, coexist with nature and of course, where we can create memorable moments as a family.

So when we decided to launch our first activity in the neighbourhood, even before announcing it to the public, we thought the best way to do it would be as a family, making the most of the Tree Day while also celebrating the announcement of an additional Imagine Montessori School to families integrated in the school community. We kicked things off and invited families from the school, who will become an important part of the neighbourhood. Throughout the whole day we planted around 200 oak and pine trees.

It was a fun-filled day where children experienced first hand the importance of caring for our planet, which is one of the school’s values. It was also quite a moving moment, as these children will continue their school lives in the same area and will be able to see how much the very trees they planted have grown.

An educational value we have carried from the Imagine Montessori School to the project is respect for the environment. With the launch of our latest ‘installations’ we believe it is important to implicate the kids with a respect for the environment which will become a part of their future day to day lives.

We will soon be organising workshops and activities in the area – if you would like to stay up to speed, sign up for our newsletter! Of course, if you have any ideas for healthy, family activities and would like to use our area we would love for you to let us know at hola@barriolapinada.es

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