5 gadgets to use clean energy in our day to day

In La Pinada we support a sustainable and environmentally respectful way of life. So using energy in a responsible way is a must in the development of the eco-neighbourhood. Along this post we propose 5 sustainable gadgets in order to make a clean and an efficient use of energy.

Sola backpack

Today, we carry many digital devices with us, and is difficult for us to separate from them: smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, etc. What do we want to say with this? Our first proposal, the solar backpack. This backpack takes advantage of solar radiation using a photovoltaic panel attached to it, which is able to charge these electronic devices. Today this is already on sale and is an ideal complement for spending the day out. So the only thing you will have to worry about is whether to go to the beach, hiking or enjoying a good “eco-friendly” picnic.


Source: https://www.voltaicsystems.com/

Solar umbrellas

The USB solar umbrellas have a similar use as the solar backpacks. but this Spanish invention is intended for the terraces of bars and restaurants, offering an extra service to customers. This service is charge our digital devices using solar energy. This invention seeks to take advantage of the many hours of sunshine that we enjoy in our country, especially in the east, where also the terraces are full throughout the year. There are several models, but basically it is composed of a series of solar panels (normally 4), attached to the umbrella fabric, and USB adapters directly placed on the structure of attachment to the ground.


Source: http://textilenergy.com


This is a system designed in the Valencian Community by two entrepreneurs. The SmartWater is not directly related to energy, but involves another of the most important agents affecting climate change. We are talking about water, a very precious and basic resource for life. This invention avoid wasting the cold water that we discard while waiting for the hot water to come out in our taps. So the device store the cool water in a tank to be reused later in the dishwasher, washing machine, cistern, etc. It is an enormous saving of litres of water for the families that use it. And because it does not use electricity in its operation it does not contribute to generate more CO2 emissions.


Source: http://www.ecoidi.com/

Smart thermostat

This is a best-known invention, developed by companies like Google, or Momit here in Spain. It allows us to acclimatize our home taking into account our daily schedules. Normally when we get home we switch on the heating (or air conditioning in summer) at maximum power to achieve our comfort conditions as fast as possible. This is translated into a higher energy consumption, which leads to a higher cost, and higher CO2 emissions. This thermostat can be programmed using your smartphone so, while you are out can turn it on, and gradually the house gets the comfort conditions for the time when you arrive. And all this without making an abusive use of energy.


Source: https://www.momit.com/

The new version of the classic brazier

And in a more traditional way than before, a room can be heated using traditional terracotta technology. This is the idea of Egloo, who use only some candles and a mud cover. This device take advantage of the ability to conserve heat of the mud and provide it for 5 hours. Although the smaller the room the more effective it is, this can be used to heat a studio or a room.  And you can use it around a table, with friends, recovering the old concept of brazier. It comes in multiple colours and decorations, using wood wicks to produce a larger flame. Another uses it can provide are scent the room in which is located and humidify it.


There is a battery of solutions and proposals to make a more responsible use of the energy we use. The shift into a more sustainable model of producing and using energy begins with oneself.


Come on, we can all do it together!


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